World Manufacturing Forum 2014

1-2 July 2014 in Milan, Italy

The WMF was created by the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems Program (IMS) to be an international forum where high-level policy makers and industry leaders could meet to discuss global manufacturing issues that should be solved cooperatively.

Each year the Forum strives to bring globally recognized experts to present their views on current topics. Ample time for networking during breaks and meal times promote lively discussions that can lead to mutual understanding and cooperation.

As the world continues to experience economic challenges, policy makers have recognized manufacturing’s contribution to economic success as a strategic pillar to economic health. In response, governments are working to create favorable conditions for growth while industry is faced with volatile and highly competitive market conditions. Investors are reluctant to jump into the high-risk marketplace, and manufacturers are not always willing to use reserves to expand their business.


Adding to the complexity of a globalized marketplace, countries struggle with local cries for stricter import regulations, raw material control, and limits on technology transfer. Does the focus to bring jobs home mean we must forgo international cooperation to solve manufacturing challenges and advance technology? As jobs do come home, what’s next for emerging economies?


With the theme of “The Way Forward to Prosperity through Global Manufacturing Collaboration,” executives from companies like Analytic Services, Autodesk, BAE Systems, Boeing, Fastems, IBM, Universal Robots, and Whirlpool have already committed to speak. Other high profile companies will be announced in the coming weeks. High-level leaders from institutions like CLAUT, CONACYT, the European Commission, FUMEC, McKinsey, National Academy of Sciences, NIST, and SCRA will give their perspectives. The Forum intends to discuss the creation of a cooperative global environment for sustainable innovation and game changing key technologies, development of common platforms for standards and interoperability, securing essential data in a connected world, and finding innovative ways to leverage applied R&D investments. As innovation drives demand for skilled workers, the Forum will also discuss cooperation between educational institutions and companies to train the next-generation of workers.


The Forum aims to bring together high-level industrialists, policy makers, and key societal stakeholders across the globe for a cross-exchange of ideas on major macroeconomic trends and manufacturing innovation. The World Manufacturing Forum will be held at the Palazzo Mezzanotte, 1-2 July 2014 in Milan, Italy, and registration is free of charge to our invited guests, thanks to the support from the European Commission and the Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) international cooperation program and our sponsors.


Mauro Piloni, Whirlpool, Chairman of WMF 2014

Robert Kiggans, Chair of WMF 2014 Executive  Board

The World Manufacturing Forum 2014 is an event organized by the “WMF2014″ project, funded by the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013), under grant agreement n° 609118.