Three Ateknea’s on-going software innovations at ICSOFT 2014

Vienna, 30th August 2014

Ateknea Solutions presented yesterday three on-going software innovations during the ICSOFT 2014 conference held at Vienna University of Technology facilities. Norbert Pomázi, ICT Research engineer in our Budapest Office, travelled to Vienna accompanied with some Ateknea’s colleagues in order to give a technical speech on Clampit, Stepman and Tacmon2. These three innovations related to ICT  are fair representatives of our expertise as well as previous background in the field. Developing through the subsequent research projects at a EU level, the initiatives have received public funding from the Seventh Framework Programme.

Since 2013 designated as the International Joint conference on Software Technologies, ISCOFT is the best platform to bring together researchers, engineers and practitioners working in areas that are either related to new software paradigm trends or to mainstream software engineering and applications. Andreas Holzinger, from the Medical University Graz, was the chairperson of the Project Space Session and introduced Mr. Pomázi, who achieved to present non confidential public results as well as the new advancements in Ateknea’s research and team coordination.

At the end of the session, Ateknea Solutions was invited to write a book chapter related to the presentation of ClampitStepman and Tacmon2 to be included in a book to be published by Scitepress. ICSOFT next edition will be held in Colmar in Alsace from 20 to 22 July 2015.