2013-05-13 – 2013-05-17
Partner LOLA has participated on the 57th INTERNATIONAL FAIR OF TECHNIQUE AND TECHNICAL ACHIEVEMENTS and disseminated STEPMAN project. There was a great interest….
 Integra-21st Century Computer Integrated Factory- exhibit as part of the fair
  • Components and modules for flexible and factory automation
  • Electrical, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic motors and regulators
  • Electronic measuring instruments and devices
  • Programme controllers, process control systems and industrial computers
  • CNC programme controllers, robot controllers, cell controllers
  • Devices and software for programme development and testing, control and monitoring
  • Numerically controlled machine tools, machining and measuring centers
  • Industrial robots
  • Flexible manufacturing cells, as well as systems, plants and production equipment
  • Tools and tool systems
  • Systems and components for automatic assembling, packing and handling
  • Computer aided design equipment and software- CAD/CAM systems
  • Other software products for product design, process planning and production planning and control, ERP
  • Internet
  • Intranet
  • Extranet-solutions for industry
  • Complete factories (know-how)

The International Fair of Technique and Technical Achievements is the most important economic and technological event in Serbia and the South East Europe, which has got a great influence upon the future industrial development in the country and region.

This is a traditional (since 1937) meeting and business contact point, which enables numerous exhibitors and visitors to satisfy their business expectations.

Specialized fairs and exhibitions forming the contents of the TECHNICAL FAIR, at the same place and time.

The latest technologies for all industry branches included by the exhibiting program.

Presentation of national economies of many countries, provinces and regions, professional side events, exhibitor presentations, product and service demonstrations, panel discussions of the exhibitors and experts contribute to a successful participation in the TECHNICAL FAIR and development of the international cooperation.

Many press conferences and accredited journalists are there to report about your products and services.

Thus, the TECHNICAL FAIR is a venue visited by tens of thousands of professional visitors, decision makers, investors, experts…

The synergistic effect of the TECHNICAL FAIR creates the possibility of meetings between the exhibitors and visitors, as well as mutual contacts of the exhibitors from various industry branches and many countries.