Samumetal, 17th Exhibition of Tools and Technology for Metalworking

29 January – 1st February 2014, Pordenone, ITALY

  • 10.000 Professional visitors
  • 490 Exhibitors from all over Italy and abroad: Germany, Switzerland, Austria
  • 20.000 Square meters of exhibition area
  • 6 sectors: metal workings, sheet metal cutting and deformation, tools, robotics, automation, logistics

Samumetal has become a trade show of reference in the tools and technology sector for metal workings. The event is a perfect chance to meet end clients, distributors and buyers, also from abroad, with the aim to find new business and interactions.

It’s also a perfect opportunity for more detailed discussions of topics of everyday interest to manufacturers and users, and also to deal with technical, quality, economic and safety standards.


Samuplast is the exhibition of excellence for technology, machinery and plastic materials, because it offers great visibility to those operators who qualify as strategic partners of the most advanced manufacturing companies, especially in the process of creation, design and production.

An ability to match extremely aggressive pricing policies with exceptional planning and order management resources is a strongly competitive aspect that attracts the interest of numerous international buyers to the North Eastern manufacturing corridor.

From the twenty years experience matured with SASME it is born SUBTECH, the biennial exhibition of metal and mechanics subcontracting.

  • The simultaneous execution with Samumetal and Samuplast guarantees a wide visibility and a chance for new business development: an ideal place to meet operators and clients.
  • The event is part of a context traditionally related to the mechanics and parts sector, a vanguard district of specialized businesses, long-standing trustworthy partners of Italian and international companies
  • Target meetings with buyers and operators form Europe and major emerging countries

Viale Treviso, 1- 33170 Pordenone (Italy)