Review of STEP-compliant Manufacturing for Turning Operation

An interesting article about the STEP-compliant Manufacturing.


Much software and hardware has been developed around the globe to organise and integrate the different phases of a Product Life-cycle Management (PLM) in conception, design, manufacture, service or disposal phases. This study focuses just on the design (CAD) and manufacture (CAPP, CAM and CNC) where there is potential to integrate a wide variety of software applications. In order to achieve this principal aim, a number of research problems have been identified.

The current CNC regime is considered to rely on low level codes such as the description of tool movements and switching instructions. Today with the latest technology the information beyond tool movement and switching instruction such as tooling, manufacturing features and process sequences are needed to support global adaptability for manufacturing with a specific focus on CNC-based manufacture. STEP-NC is considered to have the necessary rich information including what to make and how to make. Interoperability problem; particular companies use various systems for different components which come from more than one supplier and need to be able to exchange information reliably and rapidly. Another example is when a manufacturer needs to move machining operations to another location. The new location has different software applications for the same function, so all software programs must be rewritten, potentially resulting in very considerable cost because of product launch delay, additional labour costs and loss of product quality. ISO 6983, commonly known as G and M codes, focuses on programming the path of the cutter Centre Location (CL) with respect to the machine axes, rather than the machining task with respect to a part. This study aims to explore the application of new data standards for CNC machining of turned parts to enable data exchange of manufacturing rich information from CAD to CNC to support interoperable manufacture. This study provides a literature review of the STEP-NC compliant research around the world based on machining operations and reviews of STEP-NC-Compliant systems for the manufacturing environment, focused on turning operations.

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