Project Progress News

During this period the development of core functions for manufacturing was continued the following objectives were achieved:

  1. The  translation  of  geometrical  features, which  converts  the  product model into a standardized model format
  2. The  planning  of  machining  operations, which  integrates  the  product  and  manufacturing model with company specific code
  3. The  generation  of  process  plans,  which generates  a  standardized  process  plan  for further processing to machine specific code

Also  the  server  side  components  were  developed and documented

Development of communication protocols:

The main purpose of this task was to design and develop the internal and external communication protocols  between  the  following  applications  of  the STEPMAN Platform:

Stepman Plugin – Stepman Core

·   Stepman Core – STS Storage

·   Stepman Core – Central AG Server

Before  any  implementation,  the  evaluation  of  the potential protocols has been carried out and the appropriate technologies were selected. After technology selection, at first a general communication  concept  was  implemented  between  STEPMAN Core and STEPMAN Client, and the underlying architecture was created. This architecture is developed  with  such  details  and  depths  that  it  could be easily  reused  for  implementing  the  communication between Stepman Core and Central AG Server. This includes  the  creation  of  an  underlying  robust build environment,  that  is  capable  for  the  remaining  applications of the platform.

Development of model management functions:

The  versioning  solution  was  implemented  in  the Stepman system. The objective of this solution is to offer  repository  storage,  where  every  project  file (including  also  machine  information  –  profile)  can be  saved.  Moreover,  the  system  allows  to  trace changes  in  every  file,  by  recording  all  of  them.  The revisioning system, which is implemented in the STS (Stepman  Storage  System)  allows  basically  to  upload and download files from most recent revisions or to trace back the changes by downloading previous revisions of every file.The  document  presents  also  implementation  process  of  the  versioning  features  within  the  Stepman system, which includes two main stages:

versioning solution design –  gathering and analysis of functional requirements and use cases, finalised with basic system functionalities design

•    versioning solution implementation coding and testing

In April the first reporting period of the project ended, the Consortium prepared and submitted the Periodic Report in June.