M38 Training Event at IKM Maskinering, Sola, Norway- December 2014

The members of NORSK, IKM Maskinering also hosted a training in their spot on 4-5 December which was backed by the RTD Partners of the consortium. Upon the feedbacks of the previous trainings it was decided to improve hands-on experience. Accordingly special exercises were led by BATH and ATEKNEA-H simultaneously in two groups (2 participants per group expected) on the subjects:

◦     MCP Admininistration

◦     MCP Editing

◦     StepNC generation

◦     round-trip test (GCode → StepNC → GCode)

◦     manufacturing generated GCode on the IKM machine

Both groups could perform both exercises (in total 4 exercises) on the StepMan systems installed on intructors’ machines.

The training also served validation purpose having installation of the StepMan system on local SME (IKM Maskinering) PC.