M21 Review Meeting was hosted by REA

On the 30th July 2013, a Review Meeting of STEPMAN project took place in Brussels, Belgium.

A project overview as well as the main outputs of the first period of the project were presented and discussed. Miklós Budai representing the coordinator of the project, deteailed the technical and the scientific objectives of the first period and the results obtained.

  • Market research and system specification were succesfully completed, providing the consortium with a market analysis on the use of relevant and related technologies by SMEs
  • The exact specification of the STEPMAN software system were created
  • A preliminary storage system design was developed
  • Overall model of the STEPMAN software architecture was provided
  • Database design and development was finished
  • Design environment was created to ensure 3D CAD model manipulation
  • Designed and implemented the main functions of the manufacturing supporting system
  • Generic communication solution implemented

The whole process from part design to manufacturing has been fully demonstrated on the M15 meeting (Automated and manual software testing were done)

Several dissemination activities have been continuously helping to ensure  that  the results  of  STEPMAN  are disseminated to a wide audience: logo, leaflet, poster, conferences, newsletters.

The Project Officer provided feedback to the consortium as well as recommendations for the second period of the project.  STEPMAN technology is promising and the consortium will keep working on the second period to overcome the challenges of creating this innovative development.