Factory of the Future

InnoLAB organized a Factory of the Future (FoF) cross-dissemination event which took place in Geneva  on June 12th-14th 2013 within the industrial fairs EPHJ-EPMT-SMT.



The event had two parts:

  • on June 12, an open session to all fair visitors with a short presentation of the selected EU projects and a presentation of participation opportunities for SME
  • on June 13/14th, sessions reserved to the project members to present results and discuss possible inter-project synergies
Industrial production accounts for 16% of Europe’s GDP and remains a key driver for innovation, productivity, growth and job creation.In 2009, 31 million persons were employed in the EU manufacturing sector, and each job in manufacturing generates at least an additional job in services. Moreover, nowadays 80% of the EU’s exports are manufactured products. However, Europe’s position as an industrial power house is eroding and its leadership in many important sectors is constantly challenged.In 2008, the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) for Factories of the Future (FoF) was launched under the European Economic Recovery Plan. PPP activities – funded under the EU’s 7th EU Framework Programme for Research (FP7 – 2007-2013) – comprised 150 high level projects involving top industrial companies and research institutions in Europe.