BIAM – 22th International Machine Tool and Tool Fair

9 -12 April, 2014

Owing to their long tradition and successful organization the fairs BIAM – WELDING have confirmed their status of the most important business event of this economic branch in Croatia.

The fairs offer an overview of the latest technological achievements in the field of machine tools, welding and anticorrosion under a single roof.

Therefore they have become an unavoidable venue for intensive business meetings of manufactures, experts and business people in the sector.

This group of fairs represents an exceptional, unavoidable business fair event where we expect a special interest of the corporate public, not only from Croatia, but also from the neighboring countries.

This year there will be a special attraction for visitors – ROBOTIC BASKETBALL!

It is a basketball competition between a robot and a human.

The idea of robotic basketball was created at the end of 2012 in Slovenia to announce Eurobasket 2013.

Robotic basketball will be held in the attractive space of the pavilion 8 during the run of the fairs BIAM – WELDING.

Come and cheer. Who will be better – a professional basketball player or a robot?

Trumpf will present two machines at the fair:

1. TruLaser 5040 fiber 5 kW
This is a machine for laser cutting of sheet metal. It represents the latest world “fiber” technology.
Such technology already exists in Croatia, but this is the first presentation of a machine with a power of 5 kW in our region.
The presentation will include machine operation and possibilities (cutting various sheet thickness and different materials).

2. TruBend 7036
This is a sheet metal bending machine, a press.
The first machine in the world with certified ergonomics.
This means that the machine is completely under the operator’s command so as to avoid interferences and achieve increased productivity.
The presentation will comprise machine operation and benefits of ergonomics.
This is the world’s fastest sheet metal bending machine.


will present products with high speed driving techniques, components of machine tools, robotic automation, servicing of motor spindles.
It will also feature the company it represents in Croatia: Bosch Rexroth – Electric Drives and Controls, Balluff, Alpha – Wittenstein, Mitutoyo.

El – Bak pump d.o.o. represents the German company Becker

Its program includes: vacuum pumps from 0.2 to 630 m3/h, pressure-vacuum pumps 16-250 m3/h, screw vacuum pumps up to 1500 m3/h, turbine vacuum pumps up to 1080 m3/h.
The company intends to launch a new programme: screw compressors (German programme Babatz), liquid separators in vacuum systems, cyclone filters (wood, milling, sugar and plastics industry), a new generation of vacuum pumps (20,000 operating hours without service) and ORPU pumps for waste water and sewage.

Okret d.o.o.

is the representative of Walter, Vargus, Vergnano, Alpen – MAYKESTAG, Botek, Reima, Dummel, Schunk, SCM, Walter + Schier, Tecnospiro – Roscamat, Jokisch, AMEC.

Automator d.o.o.

will present its machines at the stand. It will produce regular or hot stamping at advertising materials.
It will also present the impact machines with stamps and dot peen machines of different strengths for marking.


is a specialized supplier of raw materials, machinery and tools for metalworking and processing of metal sheets for all roofing and plumbing works.
At the fair the company will feature and demonstrate coil cutting and forming machines made by Jorns AG; Forstner GmbH; Schlebach GmbH, press brakes and radius bending machines by Jorns AG; Schechtl GmbH; Prinzing, RAS GmbH, edging machines by RAS; Prinzing GmbH and Schwartmanns machines, machines for air conditioning ducts by Forstner, RAS; TORMEC, forming machines by SCHLEBACH MACHINEN, shears and radius shears for cutting sheet metal by Schechtal; RAS; Prinzing, hot air welders by LEISTER and HERZ, hand tools, mobile elevated work platforms and scaffolding, vacuum lifts and fastening tools and fasteners.

IB-CADDY d.o.o. – since the foundation in 1991 engaged in 3D CAD/CAE/CAM/PDM systems

The presentation will include:

  • a new version of 3D CAD programme SolidWorks 2014 – DS SolidWorks Corp. offers a complete solution to 3D software tools, which allows construction and design, simulation (FEM and CFD), data publishing and management
  • a new version of CAMWorks 2014 – CAMWorks is the first SolidWorks Gold Partner for CAM area, fully integrated in SolidWorks. As the first CAM programme based on processing capabilities, CAMWorks is the leader in innovation with automatic recognition and interactive surfaces (AFR – Automatic Feature Recognition, IFR – Interactive Feature Recognition)
  • SigmaNEST programme – SigmaNEST is the world’s leading CAD/CAM system for sheet metal processing for all major cutting, punching and bending machines. It can reduce waste, speed up processing time and programme all cutting machines with one powerful, flexible solution.

MedioTehna will showcase new products and equipment from the following programmes:

Cranes and crane equipment “COLUMBUS MCKINNON – YALE” Germany will feature a new generation of electric chain hoists with compact design and optimum relationship between capacity and engine power.

Gauges and measuring devices by manufacturers “Schut Geometrische Meettechniek”, “Helios PREISSER”: gauges for the metalworking and mechanical engineering industry, gauges for accurate measuring of the length and shape, 3D measuring devices and similar.

Hardness measuring devices “newSonic” and “BAQ” – a new generation of portable devices for accurate measuring of hardness of different materials according to the UCI HV method, as well as stable devices for measuring metal hardness according to Vickers, Brinell and Rockwell method by manufacturers “BAQ” and “Insize Europe”.

Presentation of new programms by “FAMI” Spa, manufacturer of workshop and warehouse metal furniture and accessories with the largest selection of mentioned products in Europe and “TRUMPF”, the famous Swiss manufacturer of processing machines (cutting, processing and chamfer the edges of sheet metal, metal panels and corrugated sheets for roofing and facades).

The fairs to be held from 9 – 12 April 2014 at the Zagreb Fair are an ideal opportunity for presentation of the latest offer, the newest technological developments and technologies in the field of machine tools, welding and corrosion to business visitors and your present and future partners.

We wish to mention that we have adjusted prices of fair services to economic conditions so as to facilitate your participation in the fairs BIAM and WELDING.

Register for participation in time and get additional privileges.